Winter Season Memberships

Members will be allowed an allotment of hours each month, based on membership level. These can be used any time as long as it is an available day. Bronze and Silver can be used Monday through Thursday. Gold can be used Monday through Friday.

Members are allowed to bring one guest; additional guests will each be charged at $5/hr.

Members also receive a 20% discount on all peak hour bay rentals! The discounted rate is $40/hr, which makes it the same as our Non-Peak rate. Guest limits do not apply to this discount, bring as many friends as you want!

To sign up for your Par 3 Indoor Golf Membership, you must come to the store in person to fill out the Membership Agreement. All memberships are charged via recurring payments, billed on the first of the month. There are no minimums or contracts. To cancel, you must come into the store during normal business hours before the next recurring payment is made. Membership pricing and available hours will be prorated for the first month based on the day of the month. See Proration Schedule below. All prices are subject to sales tax.